Social media marketing has proven to be an effective tool for the success of many businesses. While some businesses have utilized this tool, some are still struggling because they are yet to understand the importance of it. Now that the number of social media users has increased to 3.6 million, the growth of many businesses largely depends on social media.

Social media has had a tremendous impact on businesses today, 53.6% of the world population uses social media.  According to Global Report Overview 2021, the average time an individual spends on a social networking site is 2 hours and 25 minutes.

  •   Half of the world’s population are on social networking sites.
  •   Total 4.66 billion people around the world now use the internet, and out of these numbers, a fraction of 316 million new users have been active within the last 12 months.

With this insight at hand, it’s a clear indication that your business survival in this era is tied to how effective you are able to utilize the social networking site.

  Social media has various opportunities for any business to grow sporadically and make huge sales. There are so many things most businesses do not know about the efficacy of social media marketing.

In this article, you will learn how social media can help build your brand, how you can leverage social media to build a long-lasting relationship with your intended audience, ways in which you can keep your customers engaged and increase sales.

Now that you have a great deal of what you will learn, let’s dive right in.


  2. Social media have been proven to be one of the best tools for building a brand. Both large and small businesses can benefit greatly from social media for brand building. Research shows that 80% of consumers can confidently evaluate solutions from the brand they follow on social media. 

     Building brands are a great way of letting the world know that you exist and social media is one of the many ways of sending your brand message to your target audience. One of the ways of building a strong brand is by establishing a strong social media presence. 

    There are many ways of building a social media brand presence:

    •   In building an unbreakable social media presence you have to know why you want to build it, (i.e) the purpose of building it and what you intend to achieve by building it. You have to also know where your intended audiences are and how to reach them on social media.
    •   Human beings love interacting with other humans, ensure to be consistent and keep giving your audience what they want. Engage effectively with them and show them that you are humans like they are.
    •   Knowing your audience’s perception and also what they care about will also help you to effectively communicate with them.
    •   Always provide them with valuable content consistently.
    •   Link all your social media accounts to your website.

A relationship is the bedrock of every successful business. Customers always want to buy from brands they so much trust, and for them to trust a brand, it means they are willing to give anything for it.  A relationship is very vital to business health.

For any business to survive, it must overrate the importance of relationship building. Whether you are running a small or a big business, the moment you understand the need for building an unbroken relationship with your audiences, you are on your way to building a successful business.

Having a social media presence is no longer enough, and the chances of seeing results are slim unless you use them to build customer relationships.  

There are many strategic ways of building a lasting relationship through social media:

  •   Sounding sales on social media can adversely affect your relationship-building process. Don’t try to sell to your customers on social media. Surprisingly people tend to know when they are trying to be sold to.
  •   Always show them how much you care about them by responding to their complaints and feedback.
  •   By assisting your customers you have given them the chances of running to you regularly when they are faced with any niche-related challenges. Always provide them with quality customer service.
  •   Let them know that they are not only valued by you but by every member of your team that makes up the company. 

If you want to build a lasting relationship, you have to consider the following aforementioned steps above. If you can build a lasting relationship with your customers on social media, it means you can also engage them. 


Customer engagement is also one of the most critical things to consider in your quest for a successful business. One thing is to post consistently on social media another is for your customers to engage with your post. You can measure your social media engagement in different ways, but I will be sharing with you a few ways: using branded hashtags, mentions( either tagged or untagged), shares or retweets, comments, likes, followers and audience growth, and click-throughs, if you these parameters are increasing when analyzing your post efficacy, you can brag that your post was engaging.  Different ways to engage with your customers:

  •   Image quotes can often boost your brand’s social media engagement. The reason being that quotes get attention quickly and can stick in the head for a very long time. People naturally like quotes because they can easily relate to them. 
  •   Knowing your audience plays a vital role in determining how to engage your customers. If you are trying to engage with customers in the tech industry, you can’t start talking about how to manage your weights through exercise, you have to understand the language, tone, and resources that speak directly to your audience.   
  •   The moment you know your audience you will be able to create and share contents that are valuable to them. Don’t write a long article for Instagram instead of Facebook, understand what works in the different platforms your customers are.
  •   Show yourself to them don’t let them think that they are communicating with a machine. Post pictures of yourself, staff, activities going on in the company, events, etc, let them see and know you.
  •   You can use tools like Canva to create content, you can as well use Funimate or Clips app for video editing, GIFs for animations.  To know the overall analytics of your engagement you can use tools like Hootsuite insight, Brandwatch, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Analytics, and TikTok Analytics, and lots more. Follow these links for the complete guide to social media analytics tools.  


As a marketer, to drive sales, you don’t just leap into social media and expect to start making sales just like that, it takes time and energy. Before you can start making sales from social media, there are things you need to know.

  •   Be very consistent in creating valuable content for your customers
  •   Personalize your content. A study shows 60% of marketers that personalized content often drives more leads. 
  •   Invest in social media advertisement. Research by Statista shows that 81% of social media users make a purchase straight from social media, with an average order size of $102.
  •   On average, companies that effectively use social media advertising to generate brand awareness will increase their sales by 23%.
  •   Think of investing in influencer marketing. Choosing the right influencer who your target audience respect and has a large fan base, to promote your product and services can cause a sporadic increase in your overall sales. 
  •   Always dwell and interact where your target audience is.
  •   Establish a knitted social media community. 
  •   Keep asking and answering your audience’s question. Consistently give them valuable content till they see you as their problem solver, that way, you will be able to sell to them, and they will gladly buy from you.


Social media is a large environment for any business growth, if you understand the impact of social media on businesses, you will certainly make waves in your industry.

Do you think I haven’t mentioned something important? If yes, let me hear from you!

So which of these things mentioned above did you not know, and how did it affect your business growth?

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